There’s something magical about those early autumn days, and this year, our fall season kicked off in such a lovely way. Why? It was our baby’s first time at a pumpkin patch! We went to the pumpkin patch at Hope at Miami Lakes United Methodist Church. Between Matt and me, the excitement was palpable. We were itching to create some fresh memories after a particularly intense September.

Baby’s First Glimpse

The moment we entered the pumpkin patch, Max began looking around. Several areas of bright orange pumpkins, each unique in size and shape, stretched before us. We took our time, letting our baby touch and feel the textures. We knew he was enjoying this new experience and laughed at the fact that while the pumpkins held his attention for a few seconds, the people around us captured him.

A Breather for Us

Matt and I cherished this outing. After navigating the whirlwind that was September, the pumpkin patch was precisely the chill vibe we needed. Now and then, Matt and I would exchange glances, a mix of joy and relief. Max might be too young to understand what was happening, but his smiles made it clear that he was enjoying all the new sights and sounds. Eventually, he will learn to smile for the camera. Lol.

Max and Mom are twinning.

Pumpkin carriage fun!

The History of the Pumpkin Patch

Later that day, I wondered about the history of the pumpkin patch and did some digging around. The tradition of pumpkin patches has its roots in centuries-old Celtic customs. It’s a general overview, but the Celts celebrated Samhain, marking the end of the harvest season and the onset of winter. They believed that the boundary between the living and the deceased dissolved during this time, and spirits roamed the earth. To ward off evil spirits, they would carve faces into turnips and place a light inside, an early iteration of our modern-day jack-o-lanterns.

When Irish immigrants came to America, they brought along the tradition. But here’s a twist! Instead of turnips, they found the native pumpkins easier to carve, leading to the pumpkin patch traditions we love and cherish today.

Wrapping Up
There was a collective sense of contentment as we drove home, pumpkin in tow. This day wasn’t just about picking a pumpkin. It was about creating memories, taking a breather, and cherishing the simple moments. Now, if only we can get Matt to be in more photos!

If you ever crave a slice of autumn magic, I wholeheartedly recommend an afternoon at the pumpkin patch. There are a few more around the city, and we can’t wait to explore them.