In the gentle cradle of my womb,
A miracle unfolds, a tender bloom.
With every beat of my heart, so true,
A symphony of love begins to brew.

Within my sacred vessel, new life stirs,
A precious bond, unbreakable and pure.
With each passing day, the joy expands,
As I envision the touch of tiny hands.

My soul, adorned with anticipation’s glow,
Whispers of dreams and hopes start to flow.
In this dance of life, my heart blooms,
A love so profound, it forever consumes.

Oh, the wonders that lie ahead,
As I nurture the life within my bed.
A little boy, a gift from above,
Bringing endless joy and boundless love.

I imagine his laughter, his innocent smile,
My heart sings with a melody so worthwhile.
I yearn to hold him, to cherish his embrace,
To guide him through life’s every grace.

As the days grow shorter, the moment nears,
When my arms will cradle what I hold dear.
I’ll marvel at his tiny fingers and toes,
With a love that only a mother truly knows.

For now, in this enchanting phase,
I embrace the beauty of these hopeful days.
Knowing that my baby boy, with each passing morn,
Is blessed with a mother who’s forever adorned.

So, I cherish the journey with glee,
For soon I’ll meet my little one, you’ll see.
A love story unfolds, pure and sweet,
As mother and son finally get to meet.

I’m grateful for this precious life I carry,
May my days be filled with love, hope, and merry.
May the joy of motherhood forever employ,
And may my baby boy bring me endless joy.